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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Chickenfried Steak! (I was starving)

Pretty straight forward meat n tatoes meal. I was hungry. lol
Chickenfried some tenderized round steaks, seasoned with my cold smoked salt, pepper, garlic blend...then an egg/ milk bath, and seasoned flour dredge. I put panko in the mix for extra crunch.

Served with smooshed tatoes, skillet gravy, biscuits with smoked butter, a side salad to make it look healthy and a sip of whiskey to wash it down..

Not my usual outdoor smoke or grill cook but I used smoked butter and the S.P.G blend to add flavor.

Didn't eat it all but put a good dent in it!
It's nice to have my appetite back after the bout with flu and pneumonia. lol

Hope everyone is keeping warm and staying healthy!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Beef Rib Benedict .... I've found my dream breakfast. :)

Two of my favorite foods.... beef ribs and eggs benedict. What could be better? lol
Did the usual bacon dripping slather on the beef ribs. Salt, pepper and then into the drum with a bit of hickory.

Added a few chicken wings which had been seasoned with Beef Pho base and wrapped overnight.

I enjoyed wings and beef ribs the first night...


Made some indian fry bread the next morning...

Topped the fry bread with heated beef rib slices..

Topped with a fresh egg from the hens....

made some chipotle hollandaise ...

Rolled a couple of Hatch chiles in cornmeal fish fry.... fried til golden...

Drizzled the chipotle hollandaise on top...

Added crisp onions and called er good.

The tender beef rib meat, slightly spicy chipotle hollandaise and soft indian fry bread were a good combination. I've used fry bread in the past for benedict and it's becoming one of my favorites.

It's hard to go wrong with tender beef rib meat. I'm sure I would love it sittin' on just about anything.

Everything is going great here. Winter has been mild, no major disasters.
The first calf of the year was born last week.
The critters are in good health and so am I. lol
Looks like 2018 is going to be a good one!
Hope everyone is healthy and happy and staying warm!

Thanks for stopping by!